Exam Centre Process

All of our examination centres are JCQ approved, ensuring the integrity and delivery of examinations meets the exacting requirements of Awarding Organisations. Tutors & Exams are here to guide you through the assessment process, regardless of the qualification/subject you are taking.

All centre are approved to offer A/AS Level, GCSE, IGCSE, Pearson International GCSE and Functional Skills.  University distance learning and Professional Qualification assessments are also available at most of our centres although some restrictions do apply.  Details of qualifications hosted by each of our centres can be found here.

In addition to our exam centres we also offer A Level Science CPACs (Common Practical Assessment Criteria) for those learners that require endorsement(s) on their certificate(s). This assessment is hosted at our dedicated science laboratory in Birmingham or via one of our partner schools located in London or the Northwest.

If there are any assessments you wish to sit that are not featured here please free to contact us and we will do our utmost to assist you. Tutors & Exams have rightly earned a reputation in recent years of providing assessment for subjects not normally available with schools or other private examination centres eg Geography  (with field trip), Astronomy, Music, Art & Design to name but a few.

Centre colleagues are acutely aware that exam nerves and anxiety can, and do, affect many candidates. Therefore, prior to your exam(s), we invite you to arrange a centre visit so you can familiarise yourself with the location of the centre and its layout. Staff will be pleased to provide a guided tour of the centre and explain what will happen on the day of your exam and provide some useful tips on how to stay calm on the day(s).  Feel free to give us a call or send us an email >

We have fostered partnerships with over 100 Distance Learning Providers (DLPs) and Tuition companies. This not only provides us with knowledge of  DLP courses and their processes it also allows us to offer preferential examination entry fees to their learners, typically discounting our standard (non-partner) entry fees by between 10% & 15%.

Whatever your query regarding exam availabilitycoursework (NEA) or practical sessions our highly knowledgeable staff are there to provide answers and assistance.

To start the process, you need only complete our online application form

The Exam Process

Application Form

The first step in the process is to complete the online Application Form. As well as your personal details , we will also need to know what qualification(s) you wish to take, the T&E exam centre you wish to sit your exam at, the Awarding Organisations (exam board), Subject and Specification Code (including tier/option where applicable).

Exam Fee Invoicing

After your application has been checked and processed, an invoice will be raised and issued to you via the email address you supply on your application form.  Please remember to include a contact telephone number that we can use to contact you in the event of a query.

Payment can be made via electronic banking or using Worldpay secure link, or in cash in person.  Please note that any examination entries submitted will not registered with the Awarding Organisation until payment is settled in full.

Timetable & Joining Instructions

Timetables and joining instructions will be issued to you as soon as payment is received and Awarding Organisations have released examination scheduling for the series you are sitting.  They will be sent via a secure electronic portal using the email address you have supplied on your online application form. Please note this may be some time after payment has been made, so don’t worry.


On the day(s) of your exam(s) arrive at your appointed centre at least 30 mins before the examination is due to take place, as detailed on the timetable sent to you via the ‘portal’. All exam ‘clashes’ (where exams for different subjects occur on the same day and overlap) will be resolved prior to your exam date.  You will notified of any clashes via your exam portal.

What Next?

After the last examination in the exam series has taken place, we will issue you with a pdf document, via the portal, explaining the results and appeals (Enquiry About Results) process.

Examination Results

Results/grades are issued by Awarding Organisation on prescribed dates for each examination series, typically two months after the final examination has taken place. Upon receipt T&E will notify you of your results/grades, electronically, via the ‘portal’ unless an additional request has been made.

Certificates Issued

Certificates are normally issued by the Awarding Organisations 12 weeks after results/grades have been determined. We will contact you, via the portal, to arrange delivery options or collection of your certificate(s).
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